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Vastly out performing alternative methods in containing fluorescent tubes.

Easy to use

Environmentally Friendly

Cost effective safe storage solution

Portable with no maintenance costs “just add Water”

The Sumo Crusher will crush any size of straight fluorescent tube efficiently and cost effectively, thus providing a safe method of containment ready for disposal.

The Sumo Crushing unit itself stands at only 61 cm high, and is easily attached to any clean 100 to 200 litre drum. It is manufactured from stainless steel tube with a gas tight valve to seal the container after use. The drum is attached to a sack barrow for easy transportation and mobility throughout any site. There is no requirement for an electrical supply as the unit is operated manually.

During the crushing process a fine mist of water is sprayed above the crushing operation, this helps to eliminate any fugitive emission i.e. Cadmium dust etc. The operator will require to wear a suitable face mask in the event of any fugitive emissions from the crushing process. The water jet spray is supplied from a pressurised canister which is controlled by the operator.

Straight fluorescent tubes of any size may be crushed within seconds. The operator loads the machine by inserting the fluorescent tube into the containment tube provided, then by attaching this to the unit and opening the valve the tube falls onto the crushing mechanism. The full pressurised water container creates a mist within the unit, before crushing takes place, simply by turning a small spray nozzle. The Sumo Crusher is ideal for the re-lamping process, take one tube out of service and crush it on the spot and should only be used in short duration as this equipment is manually operated.

Hire Agreements- The Sumo Fluorescent Tube Crusher is now available for low cost hire to UK mainland based customers only. Hire agreements can also be arranged to include the collection and disposal of full drum containers.

Basic Hire- For a minimum rental period of 12 months or 24 months you can hire a Sumo Fluorescent Tube Crusher. Please contact us via for all our terms and conditions.

Disposal Option- Your rental agreement can also include the collection and disposal of the drummed waste by an approved licensed waste contractor. For an additional cost a month, per drum collection.

 (Sumo FTC LLP are the sole distributor for the Sumo Fluorescent Tube Crusher)

Worldwide sales information

The Sumo Fluorescent Tube Crusher has been developed and designed to solve all of your fluorescent tube problems.

Sumo FTC LLP are in the process of contacting all of our customers both new and old to remind them of the benefits from this fluorescent tube containment system.

We consider this to be the most cost effective method of fluorescent tube containment, by minimising the waste tubes at source, containing them safely in preparation for waste management options.

When the tubes are crushed they are totally encapsulated within their own container, which is readily available and easily interchangeable once full.

There is no need for the separation of components which make up a fluorescent tube i.e. metal ends, glass, cadmium dust, lead and mercury as they are all collected and stored safely in a metal drum fitted with a gas tight valve.

Why don’t you take a look at our website ( and see it in action in real time video footage.

“It only takes seconds to crush one tube”

The Sumo Fluorescent Tube Crusher has been purchased throughout the world ranging from the Dubai, Qatar, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Kuwait, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, Australia and here in the UK.

This crushing unit is suitable for all types of industry as it is manufactured from 316 stainless steel which is resistant to rusting or create a spark during crushing process.  This system has been procured by the following industries:- oil rig platforms, sea going oil tankers, pipe laying submersible vehicles, sugar plantations, warehousing, factory units etc. which assists in the re-lamping maintenance process.

The Sumo Fluorescent Tube Crusher will solve all your containment and disposal problems, visit our website and request more information or place an order via whereby we will be pleased to discuss any further requirements you may have.

Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms 
(Please note that for purchases outside of the UK full payment is required prior to delivery/shipment by international bank transfer, banking details will be supplied once we have received your purchase order)

 b.) Currency Quoted (UK Sterling)

 c.) Freight/Shipment Carrier (i.e. Air, Road, Ocean Freight, FedEx, UPS, Courier Delivery)

 d.)  Delivery Date (Within 3 weeks of receiving your purchase order)

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