How It Works

Pressurise the spray unit

Opening & closing the Valves

Sumo Crusher in operation


1. Use a sound clean barrel labelled “Crushed Fluorescent Tubes Only.

2. Secure barrel to barrow using retaining strap.

3. Remove 2” cap from barrel, screw in the Sumo Crusher and secure with locknut,(Position crushing handle as appropriate)

4. Fill pressurising container with water, connect to spray device.

5. Pressurise water container before crushing.

6. Insert fluorescent tube into containment tube.

7. Guide fluorescent tube into Sumo Crusher connecting containment tube into sleeve.

8. Operate water spray attachment by opening the small valve.

9. Open ball valve to allow fluorescent tube to engage crushing mechanism.

10. Rotate handle until no resistance is felt.

11. When crushing is complete, isolate both valves as described in sections 8 & 9 above and remove containment tube. De-pressurising water container

12. If repeated crushing is required, proceed as per instructions in section 6 to 10 above.

13. When barrel becomes full, remove crusher. Capping barrel ready for Waste management options.

(EC Legislation designates all lamps as hazardous waste) Note: It is advised to wear appropriate hand protection when handling glass products and a face mask to protect the operator from mercury vapours when crushing fluorescent tubes. One mask is provided for the operator, further masks will need to be purchased and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.   It is also recommended by HSE EH40 2005 guidance document that random biological monitoring for operators who may be exposed to mercury vapours. Biological monitoring guidance value for mercury is (20 μmol mercury/mol creatinine in urine) The framework for the use of biological monitoring and the setting of Biological Monitoring Guidance Values (BMGVs) is detailed in paragraphs 114-116. For each substance with a BMGV a free information sheet briefly describing a suggested analytical method, appropriate sampling strategy, the availability of quality assurance schemes and interpretation of results is available. Information sheets can be obtained from HSE’s Health and Safety Laboratory, Biomedical Sciences Group, Health & Safety Laboratory, Health Sciences (or Biological Monitoring), Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 9JN (Website:

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